Eagle in the Shape of a Girl

I have always known that I am an eagle in the shape of a girl.

It takes just 14 weeks for an eaglet to grow to maturity and fully inherit the skies, but rather longer for an eagle who is in the shape of a girl. While the eagle has the whims of the elements to contend with, there are ill winds and forces in the life of an eagle in the shape of the girl that would like to see her remain grounded. They will try many things to make her flightless. They will buffet her so violently that she begins to fear the winds of life, they will try to clip her wings with doubt so that she does not believe that she can fly, and sometimes they will even cruelly break her wings.

But it is every eagles dream in their heart of hearts to fly, even in – especially in the heart of one with broken wings, such as I. Sometimes for the eagle in the shape of a girl, her broken wings are a chance to reset the bones anew to prepare for a new flight path. It takes patience, but the eagle in the shape of a girl must never lose faith in her wings because this will help them to heal and become stronger than they ever could have been. She will learn not to fear the wind, but to glide with the currents and shelter from storms. Her sharp eagle eyes will see clearly through the doubts about her own ability to fly, and as she soars on high through all kinds of weathers and encounters many lands, she will begin to see things from new perspectives.

One day, the eagle in the shape of a girl will stretch her wings – her glorious wings, and leap into the unknown, trusting that her wings are enough to support her. And as she soars through sun-drenched skies and feels the rush of wind against her feathers and feels the rhythm of her confident wings, she will know that she was right all along: she was born to fly.



If I speak up and no-one listens,
Do I really have a voice?
If I stand up and no-one sees me,
Do I really exist?
Am I as powerful as the self help books claim I am?
Or am I full of idealistic delusions and false hopes,
While the world pushes the mute button on my big ideas
And turns away embarrassed by my pain?
Can I harness a power devoid of force, declawed of retaliation, open to fresh pain?
Can I unlock my hidden doors and invite others into my world, knowing they may scuff the carpets and turn a critical eye to the mess?
Am I brave enough, am I strong enough,
To be vulnerable?

– (c) R.K. Jacket –

What Lies Beneath

You think I’m all starlight and moonbeams,
But I know the blackness of night as well as you.
And perhaps, if we were both brave enough,
To speak of our nightmares,
Instead of our dreams,
We wouldn’t feel alone in the dark any more.

– R. K. Jacket –


I know why you tremble and flicker.
The universe is a lonely place sometimes, isn’t it?
There you are, trying your best to keep burning,
Feeling the chasmic darkness around you.
And we see you, and we see your fierce, brave light,
Because, sister, we are clustered all around you,
Shining our lights through the dark to reach you.
And if you look closely,
You will see the many trails of star dust that we have kissed,
Before sending their light and love to you.

– (c) R.K. Jacket –


pexels-photo-256678 (1)When I gather a sacred piece of my heart,
And hold a ceremony of courage
Before releasing it toward you,
Did you know that I am falling, falling, falling,
Until I see you catch it with tender, gentle hands?
And if you fumble, or worse, turn away,
And that brave offering tumbles to the ground,
Did you know that I am falling, falling, falling,
And smashing myself to pieces,
While the place from which my gift was gathered
Becomes just another bloody wound to heal.

– (c) R.K. Jacket –


You made me a promise,
And I took you at your word,
And held that promise deep in my heart
Even after you broke it.
Years later, when you were long gone,
I finally found the key
That unlocked that promise from my heart
And released me from the weight
Of all your empty words.

– (c) R.K. Jacket –


The girl who would sneak a look from her window at the stars each night
And loved to play guessing games with the moon,
Who flew around the universe in her imagination holding the tails of blazing comets
Has become a woman who rarely remembers to raise her eyes
To peer at the wonder of the night sky
She keeps her feet too firmly on the ground now.

– (c) R.K. Jacket –